A single tree gives 40 kinds of fruits, you will be surprised to know the reason

It is generally believed that only one type of fruit can come on a tree, but it is not so. There is also a place in the world where this tree is found and 40 kinds of fruits are planted on this tree. It can be a little hard to believe, but it is absolutely a reality.

All of us have seen this from childhood and believe that a tree bears the same type of fruits. A visual arts professor in America has designed one such amazing plant, which produces 40 types of fruits. This unique plant is famous as ‘Tree of 40’. It produces a variety of fruits such as plum, sate, apricot, cherry, and nectarine.

The price of this unique tree is enough to blow your senses. You will be surprised to know that the price of ‘Tree of 40’ is around 19 lakh rupees.

Sam von Aiken, professor of visual arts at Syracuse University in America, is the father of this unique tree. They have taken the help of science to grow this tree. He began this work in 2008 when he saw a garden in the New York State Agricultural Experiment, which contained 200 kinds of plum and apricot plants.

Actually, that garden was going to be closed due to a lack of funds, which also had many ancient and inaccessible plant species. Since Professor Vaughan was born into a family related to farming, he was also very interested in farming.

He took the garden on lease and with the help of grafting techniques he succeeded in growing an amazing tree-like ‘Tree of 40’. To prepare the plant under the grafting technique, in the winter, a branch of the tree along with a bud is cut and separated.

After this, the branch is planted by piercing the main tree. After this, a bandage is tied for the winter by applying a paste of nutrients to the connected place. After this, the twig gradually attaches to the main tree and fruits and flowers start coming in it.