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In the tune of fashion and style, these values ​​are putting a bad effect on your healthy, know-how

Some clothes or things can make you feel stylish and sexy, but it is important to pay attention to many health risks. You must be thinking about how we are talking, how can fashion be related to health.

But do you know that the fashion trend is hurting your health? Due to this, from hernia to spinal rounding, you are suffering from many health problems. Come learn how fashion is hurting your health in this article.


You must be wondering how a loose and comfortable pajama can harm you. But wearing tight pajamas causes bacterial growth which can cause skin irritation, yeast infection or itching. So instead of wearing tight, wear loose and such clothes so that you can breathe easily.


It seems that women have to put some items in their handbags everyday. Yes, most of us ladies can fill our handbags with everything we may ever need.

However, constantly carrying a bag over one shoulder can cause a stretch in the shoulder and spine, leading to osteochondrosis and scoliosis. It also affects the nervous and spine by blocking blood vessels.

Too much fit bra

According to a survey, 97 percent of women wear the wrong size bra or poorly fitting bra. But if you don’t wear a properly-fitting bra, you are not doing anything to support your breast and remove your backpressure. It causes many problems like back, shoulder and spinal pain.

Apart from this, wearing a tight bra makes you feel a lot more suppressed. So always buy a bra of the right size and also see that the underwear does not pierce your skin.

Skinny jeans

Nowadays skinny jeans have become increasingly popular and common. Compared to other jeans, your body parts are slightly tightened and can make you flatten your hips and legs.

But do you know that you are inadvertently putting yourself in danger by wearing skinny jeans? Wearing jeans like this makes the cloth rub off your skin and can cause fungal infections.

Apart from this, due to the proximity of the body to the clothes, the problem of ingrown hair can also occur. Also, wearing skin-tight jeans causes problems in blood circulation, which can trigger inflammation and nerve damage.

High heels

Whether you are going to office or night out, many of us love wearing high heels. When we wear heels, we instantly feel confident, and it also gives our outfits an extra kick.

But do you know that wearing high heels can harm your health? Yes, this fashionable item can cause back pain, leg pain, and swelling, which in turn affects your posture.

But that’s not all. It can also cause hernia and a spine to go round. If you still want to wear heels, choose wedges that are not more than 2 inches high

Flat Soul Shoes

If you are one of those women who wear flat shoes or ballerina daily then you should avoid wearing them. Doctors claim that such shoes can damage your health because the weight of your feet is uneven.

This can cause flat feet, back and leg pain. Wearing these shoes can also cause you another loss. Yes, it can cause a deformity in your knees and hips. Even flip-flops and flats are dangerous for you.

Flip-flops or lack of support in any footwear can also cause plantar fasciitis and swelling of the feet. Plantar fasciitis is a problem in which there is intense pain after waking up in the morning.