Sex may have to be ANAL heavy, this information is important for you

By the way, everyone is very interested in sex and women also have as much eagerness about sex as in men. In such different sex, anal sex is being liked a lot. In today’s time, people want to enjoy anal sex, they find it exciting and quite empirical.

In this anal, the process of sex by inserting the penis in the anus is called anal sex ie anal sex but for the sake of information, studies have shown that both men and women can suffer from fecal incontinence due to anal sex.

According to the research in the information found, in the national survey, out of 6150 adults, 5 percent of men and 37 percent of women tried to do anal sex at least 1 time in their lives, but it has also had side effects.

Repeated sex has seen many serious physical problems. It means to say that with anal sex you may have many problems related to sex which can also be very dangerous for everyone.

Everyone would like to have different types of sex, but vaginal sex is naturally the best for sex. Because nature has made it for sex only and the anus does not naturally produce lubrication due to which more friction in the skin during anal sex can peel the skin of the anal area and you may get pain or injury.

If you talk to researchers, then you should use sexualized lubricant while doing anal sex. Because it helps reduce any possibility of pain or injury, using this type of lubricant reduces the chance of rupturing you are rectal.

Many things should be kept in mind while having sex so that your body does not suffer from any kind of disease.