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Triple H made a big gesture about Goldberg and Matt Riddle’s match

After the NXT takeover, WarGames Triple H interacted with the media and answered some awkward questions. Triple H was asked if Goldberg and Matt Riddle could match in the future. In response to this, The Game made a huge gesture.

Let me tell you that Mad Riddle has been harassing Goldberg on social media for quite some time. Goldberg has returned to the ring this year.

In which he fought in a Super Showdown against The Undertaker while defeating Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam. After the super showdown, Matt Riedl ripped off Goldberg on social media.

After this enmity, fans feel that the match between Goldberg and Matt Riddle will definitely happen one day. At the same time, Triple H has made it clear that if Goldberg is ready for this match then it can be a match. Now it all depends on Goldberg whether he fights Matt Riddle or not.

Some time ago, veteran Goldberg made it clear that his ring career is not over yet and he will return to the ring again. Now it remains to be seen whether Goldberg fights his last match against Riddle.