Almonds will boost hair shine and hair growth, know how to use

Hair strength does not come only with shampoo and oil. For this, some things are needed that can nourish the hair and also make it strong. Consuming almonds is also good for health. If you eat almonds daily, then your mental health is also good.

Applying almond oil to the hair is also beneficial. But if you use almond in your hair also in a raw way, then it has many benefits. So let’s know how almonds can be used.

Why almonds are beneficial

The nutrients found in almonds also provide health and hair strength. Omega fatty 3 acids are found in sufficient quantity in almonds which corrects blood circulation in the body. It is also considered good for hair. You can add almonds daily to your hair for strength.

Hair loss problem: If you want to stop hair loss then you must definitely eat almonds. Because the nutrients found in almonds also help in preventing hair loss. Magnesium and vitamin E found in almonds prevent hair loss.

Almond egg hair pack: You can also apply an almond egg hair pack to strengthen the hair and to clean it properly. Both men and women can use this pack. To make this, follow these steps.

For this, grind 6-7 almonds and beat an egg in it. Squeeze one lemon and then apply this pack easily from the roots of the hair to the tip. Leave the cap on the hair for 1 hour and then shampoo it.

Apply this pack at least once a week. In a few months, the benefits will start to show. By applying soaked almond packs in the hair, they become shiny and dense. In such a state, almonds directly affect the roots of the hair.

Good conditioner: Almonds work as a natural conditioner. If the hair has become damaged and is having difficulty in handling them, then massage the hair daily with almond oil. Apart from this, 3-4 drops of lemon juice can be applied by adding lemon juice.

Vitamin: You must have often heard that deficiency of this vitamin caused weakness in the body and hair loss also started.

So you must know that the vitamins found in almonds are very important for strengthening hair. Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, B2, and B6 are vitamins that are very important for the nutrition of hair.