hair color tips

Hair Color Tips: These tips will help you to do hair color at home

In addition to looking attractive, people also do hair color to hide their white hair and to make the hair beautiful and lifeless due to pollution.

But if you are thinking of doing hair color at home instead of going to the salon, then you have to take care of some things. Because hair color and dye cause a lot of damage by making your hair dry and damaged.

Keep in mind children’s safety: Hair color uses chemicals that can prove to be harmful to the delicate skin of children.

Very young children often put things in the mouth. Hair color can also reach the stomach of children by mistake, so keep children away while applying hair color and storing them.

Important precautions to take: Hair coloring seems like a very easy way to look, but coloring your hair by yourself at home can sometimes prove to be harmful due to not being careful.

That is why if you are doing any permanent or semi-permanent color at home, then keep in mind that the color does not get in the eyes during the color application.

Do not move the brush around the eyes while applying the color. Also, keep in mind that the hair color dripping in the head does not come in contact with the eyes or eye-brow.


Use a conditioner before and after hair coloring.
Do not color and straighten your hair at the same time. Keep a gap of between one and a half to two months between both treatments.
-Cover the hair with a scarf before leaving in the sun. Because sun color causes bad hair color.