symptoms of stress

There are many symptoms of stress problem, know about these symptoms

Stress is very harmful to our health and it can cause many health problems for us, but the good thing is that you can identify the problems caused by stress with these symptoms. Let’s know about it.

Falling hair

The effect of stress is also seen in hair health. If women are very stressed then their hair also starts falling fast.

If you do not stop hair loss despite taking vitamin supplements, then understand that this is happening due to stress. That is why if you want healthy hair, then shoo away the tension.


Although headache occurs due to incorrect sleeping, high blood pressure, sinus, pregnancy, etc., due to emotional stress, headache also starts.

In such a situation, distance yourself from a stressed environment instead of headache medicines, this will give you complete relief from headaches.

Changes in weight

Sometimes due to diet or an increasing weight, skin problems also occur. There are many stresses, which affect the person very deeply.

Due to these, the weight increases rapidly and due to these, the production of Cortisol hormone starts increasing. Increasing these hormones increases hunger and also increases testosterone, which reduces calories.

Difficulty in focusing

Due to stress, women are unable to think properly about what to do, when to do it and what things to take care of. For this reason, even the work done easily cannot be completed.

Stomach upset

Scientists have proved in many of their research that due to stress, the stomach also starts to get troublesome.

Many times, even medicines of stomach pain cannot get relief. In such a situation, it is advisable to consult a psychologist.


The immune system becomes sensitive due to stress and this increases the problem of inflammation. And the result of this is that people easily get infections like colds and colds.

Skin problems

Stress causes psoriasis, pimples and other skin diseases. Research by scientists found that there is a direct correlation between psychological stress and skin problems. Similar results were found in experiments conducted on mice.