Have eaten the normal omelette, then give this new twist

If you too have become bored eating your normal onion tomato omelette then try something new. Many big chefs around the world have made omelettes in different ways. Put different ingredients in it. The different countries like an omelette. So, the people who make this instant talk about the food, what ingredients can be used in it.

Spinach- Yes, many people also eat spinach omelette. Everything that can be added to the mushroom omelette can be added to it. Many people make spinach and mushrooms together. This will add a little twist to your common omelette.

Capsicum- Many people do not put capsicum in omelette thinking that it will not look tasty, but it is not so. Especially in Mexico, green onions and capsicum are finely chopped and added to your omelette.

Simultaneously, the grated cheese also pours into the omelette. This omelette also adds some milk, which makes its texture more creamy.

Avocado – Avocado’s twist with an omelette is something new and is also infused with cheese or sprouts. Although the number of people who like it is small, still it is becoming very popular abroad. It is made in olive oil or healthy butter.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms are often added to French omelettes. If you are using mushrooms, then cook it in advance and try to have as many fresh mushrooms as you can.

Add cheese to it and if you like the onions, add them too. Simultaneously, one can add green onion leaves. Garlic butter can also be added, it will give good flavour.