face from the cold

Just a way to reduce the swelling in the face from the cold

Cleansing toner and moisturizing (CTM) is a very popular method of skincare, while many young women adopting this routine often skip the step using toner and move directly to the moisturizing step after cleansing.

This is the biggest mistake related to the skin, which you are doing inadvertently. The importance of a toner that works to cleanse the skin’s pores and maintain the pH balance of your skin and to remove oil and dirt marks from the face to freshen the skin is often overlooked.

It has been considered the most neglected product of the skincare vanity kit. But toner is not the only benefit we have mentioned above.

You will be surprised to know that toner reduces swelling of your face. Here we are telling you one way, which will be useful to say goodbye to the inflammation of your skin forever.

The thing that we all have in our beauty list is the desire to have soft and soft lips. Cracked and crumpled lips do not look good at all and spoil your whole look.

The dry air of summer steals moisture from your lips and makes them crusted. But by applying nourishing oils, you can return the moisturization of your lips and make them soft and soft.

Just before using toner on the face, keep it in the fridge. Leave it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Till then clean your face with a cleanser and facewash.

Now remove the toner from the fridge and wipe your face by applying it on a cotton pad. There is another option. You put this product ie toner in an ice cube tray and store it like ice.