These tips will be very helpful in choosing the right breast size, the body will also be seen in perfect shape

No matter how much the body is in shape, if the shape of your breast is not right, then you may not look as presentable as you might see. In such a situation, it is very important that you choose the right bra according to the breast shape.

According to research, 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra, of which 70 percent wear a tight bra and 10 percent of women wear bra larger than the actual size of their breast.

Research also mentions that women who wear tight bras and wear them for longer duration are at increased risk of breast cancer.

Women wearing loose bras have to deal with the problem of breast sagging. Today, we will tell you which bra you should wear and how to choose it according to your breast shape.

Slender shape The breasts of some women are quite thin and tilted downwards. Such breast shape is called Slender. For this, one should wear a bra that lifts the breast upwards. So these women should wear a front closure and wireless bra.

There are very few women who have such a drop in their breasts. It is similar to the round shape. Any type of bra can be worn for such a breast shape. East-West Shape If your breasts are in the opposite direction of each other then your shape is ‘East-West’.

Women with such breast shapes should wear pushup bras. This bra will also correct the direction of the breast. You can also wear front closure and a strapless bra.

Bell shape If the upper part of your breast is slimmer than the lower part, then the shape of your breast is like a bell. Women with this type of breast shape should wear a T-shirt bra.

The caps and wires in the T-shirt bra keep your breast fit in the caps and prevent more movement of the breast. If you like to wear a bra with a large-cap, then a full coverage bra will also give you a good fit.

Side set In this type of breast shape, there is a lot of gap between the two breasts. If your breasts are like this, then you should wear a front closure bra, it will lift your breast inward and bring the breast to the chest cent.

Symmetric Breast If the shape of your breast is symmetric ie your breasts are larger than the normal size then obviously you need bra support to hold them or else they will look ugly.

In this case, you should wear a T-shirt bra, this bra will support your breast well and will give you a good fitting. If you are looking for other options too, you can also wear a push-up bra.

Athletic If your breasts are wide and muscular, then you should wear a wireless bra. This bra will give you a good fit with comfort and will slightly reduce your breast size. You can also wear a pushup bra and front closure bra if you want.