lips liner

You will not know the use of lip liner to make lipstick last longer

Correctly defining lips with lip liner means a lot. Lip liner not only defines your lips but prevents the lipstick on them from bleeding, spreading; Gives them the right shape and feels the depth in them.

By applying it, your lip color lasts for a long time, does not smudge and does not lighten, which is why lip liners are the true companion of young girls who like bold shades of lipstick.

If you are new to the world of makeup, you have already started to do makeup and you do not know exactly how to apply lip liner, then we have made this problem easy for you.

We are easily explaining the trends like lip contouring, linings here. Telling how you can apply lip liner like a master. Here you will also get the right tips to make them full and intoxicating by putting a liner on the lips.

Below we have given step by step guide for you to use lip liner properly so that you can apply lipstick correctly. So take your lip liner and lipstick together and get started …


Tattered crushed lips will spoil your entire look, no matter how good your lip color is and how efficiently you apply it. Cracked lips appear bad and cracks are visible in the lip color applied to dry lips.

Therefore, before using the lip liner, exfoliate your lips. For this, prepare lip scrub at home. After you exfoliate the lips at night, put moisturizer on them and sleep


It is important to prepare your lips for applying lip liner easily. Apply some lip balm on the lips. The moisturizing lip balm will hydrate your dry lips, give smooth and well-defined outline, which will make the lip color easier. Especially when you are going to apply matte lipstick, do not forget to moisturize the lips before applying lipstick.

Choose the right color

If you are not adopting the 90s blunt lip liner trend, which used a dark brown color lip liner to apply nude lip shade within the lips, then the right shade of lip liner is what your A shade of lipstick is lighter or a shade darker.

It means to say that lip color and lip liner are of the same family. If you want to deepen the lips and make the color thick, then the color of your lipstick and liner can also be kept one.

┬áDraw ‘X’ mark

Draw the shape of ‘X’ near the part of your lips, which looks like the middle part of the bow. This will make your cupids bow look slightly pungent and your upper lips will get the right shape.

This trick is more useful for women whose upper lip size is not right. Now, while moving this ‘X’, carefully line your lips to the corners.

The line on the natural lip line: To get a good shape, start to line the lower lips from the middle of the lips and then line the liner by moving it towards the corners. Now mix the upper and lower lip lines at the corners of the lips.

To make the line thicker, flush the liner once again over the entire lips. As such, you should apply the liner to your natural lip line only, but if you want to make the lips look full, you can slightly overdraw the line (leaving part of the Cupids Bow) on the upper and lower lips.

Fill the inner part with the same lip liner, you color the inner part of the lips. This will give your lips a uniform color, the right base for applying lip color and the line you have created will look natural. Before applying lipstick, lipstick will stay on your lips throughout the day by filling the lips with lip liner,

Apply lip color

Apply lip color in such a way that it makes the outline more effective. Start by applying lip color in the middle of the lips and blend it with a brush and blend it. To get glossy lips, first you use cream lipstick and after that apply gloss to complete the look.

Complete lip makeup by applying concealer Use Concealer to make your lips look well defined, beautiful and stain-free.

Many beauty experts also try this trick to make their lips look perfect. For this, take a concealer similar to your skin tone and define it by applying it around your lip line with an angular brush.