face tips

You will not know these tips related to facials, if you take care of them, then shine will remain

After facials, your skin becomes very sensitive and any tampering with such skin will only do you more harm than good. To be honest, some of your habits can also eliminate the effect of your expensive facial and worst of all, it can also cause skin problems.

So there are many things that should not be done at all immediately after your facial so that the glow of the facials on your skin remains intact for a few days.

Do not use the face scrub

The most important step of facial treatment is exfoliation. Therefore, we would advise you to avoid scrubbing the skin for a few days after the facial. Regardless of your skin type, we would not recommend exfoliating your skin more than twice a week.

Avoid sunlight

Even the sun rays cause a lot of damage to the skin. And when your skin is deeply cleansed in a facial treatment, it becomes more sensitive to damage from sun rays.

Therefore, you should avoid going into the sun immediately after facials. If it is necessary to go out then leave only after applying sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more.

Do not do heavy make-up

If your skin is deeply scrubbed during a facial, then your skin may look light red or patchy, but to hide it, stop your desire to reach the concealer’s bottle.

Avoid doing heavy make-up for a few days after the facial, as your skin’s pores may be more open than they normally are after the facial, and they are more susceptible to bacterial outbreaks and breakouts. We will also advise you to wash and use makeup brushes and tools to avoid any other problem related to the skin.

Do not go to the gym

Freshly faceted skin is sensitive and in such a situation, excessive sweating can cause a reaction.  Therefore, avoid going to the gym immediately after facials or traveling in public transport modes.

It is better that you get the facials done on the day you are on vacation or if you have already worked out; This will give your skin extra skin.

Avoid using home remedies

Immediately after the facial treatment, avoid using skincare products that may be hard on the skin. This may cause redness or burning sensation on the skin.

Therefore, avoid trying self-made prescriptions at home and applying products with retinol and salicylic acid on the face. This will give the facial results exactly as you had hoped and the redness on your face will not be seen.