Follow these tips to take care of your health in winter, you will get less sick

In winter, drinking less water usually increases the intake of carbohydrates which is harmful to your health. But you should not get upset because doctors say that good health can be achieved by adopting some easy things in the cold season.

Lack of physical activity and weight gain in winter by eating healthy junk food is very common. But people should eat walnuts, green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, sweet potatoes, and eggs in place of these things in winter.

“Salt and sugar intake should be reduced and it is very necessary to replace rock salt, jaggery, honey, etc. with it. In winter, the use of minimum oil in daily food ensures the good health of people and their families. ”

Another option is to adopt a lifestyle to prevent weight gain in Ayurvedic. According to Ayurveda, immunity is associated with your designation.

When the digestion is strong and the appetite becomes good, the immunity will be strong. Whenever the digestion is weak, the immunity automatically weakens.

The thing to note is that as hunger increases, people start eating more junk food, heavy food and things that are not easily digested.

But it is important to understand that we ourselves are building a bad disease immune system and nature is not guilty of this.

For this season, it is more important that people eat immunity-enhancing things during winter and adopt lifestyle according to Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda, the winter season is the season when nature is ready to nourish us. Due to the very high level of digestion, hunger and strength of digestion are higher than in other seasons.

People think that this season is bad for immunity because they eat unhealthy food and quick digestion, which makes their immune system sluggish.