roller coaster

This is why the roller coaster was invented

On hearing the name of the roller coaster, the scream automatically comes out of the mouth. Both children and elders enjoy shouting in it, but many people who feel that their death is written on it! In such a situation, you will be surprised after knowing that for any of these reasons, the roller coaster was not invented, but there was another reason for which the roller coaster was invented and today we will give you the reason for that. I am going to tell

Indeed, according to The Vintage News, in the 19th century, the roller coaster was invented to keep elders away from rude, unruly behavior, and LaMarcus Adna Thompson felt that Americans were going into the trough of collapse and that they had a past- It was necessary to invent time, which could save the people of America from gambling, dance halls, tawaifs etc.

In fact, since the Civil War, American men were addicted to them and Thompson believed in God. In such a situation, like many American people, they also started worrying about rich personalities and had to do something different for their countrymen.

He is said to have seen something quite different during a trip to Pennsylvania and some people were climbing an old Mining Railway just for fun in a town called Mauch Chunk. Indeed the Mauch Chunk railway was built to carry coal to the docks of the Lehigh River and from here the coal went to the steel mills of Bethlehem.

It is said that when the coal of the area began to run out, the railway was changed for vacations and Mauch Chunk’s rail was different because more than 600 feet of the dip was found at the end of the track, in which people felt very good.

At the same time, Thompson noticed that people were paying up to $ 1 for an 80-minute railway ride, and for this reason, Thompson got the idea to make a roller coaster. In 1884, the first roller coaster was built in Coney Island, New York.