traveling in winter

If you are making a travel plan in Winter, then first make sure of these things, then you will get full fun 

In winter, especially in December, there is something else to roam around. But there is a problem. That is, in this season, from all resorts and flight/train tickets, the prices of food and drink are all increased.

In such a situation, if you want you too travel to a winter destination and get work done cheaply, then some special tips can be useful for you.

Use Facebook Travel Group

There are many travel groups on Facebook. Not only the open group, but there are also many close groups where you can join the permission of the administrator.

If you are planning a trip, in such groups, at times you can get to know about good deals. At the same time, it happens that information about many resorts, hotels, etc. can be found or the manager of there itself can tell you a deal.

These travel groups can have travel agents as well as travelers, resort managers, etc. So definitely check your travel plan here once.

Choose the right week

now if you go for travel in New Year or Christmas Week, then it will cost a little more. If you want, you can choose one week before that. It depends entirely on you.

In such a situation, there can be a difference of up to a few thousand. For example, Christmas to New Year can be a very expensive trip and a week before or after it can be very cheap.

Benefit in the group

If you are thinking about winter travel destinations, then going to the group will be beneficial. Many airlines can offer you group airfare. Not only this, even if you are taking a package from a travel agent, it will be cheaper.

With this, you can get much better deals in the hotel. In the winter season, hotels, etc. are often full and those who remain empty are given more attention to the group. Also, discounts are also available.

Look at the cost of the flight, then choose the place

Now if you have made up your mind to go somewhere, then this tip is not useful, but if you want to go somewhere and cannot think where to go, then the best way to choose winter travel destination.

A good approach can be to choose a place according to the flight ticket. If you want, you should check the flight rate before choosing your travel destination. Plan to go wherever there are cheaper flight tickets.

The biggest reason for spending in December is because flight tickets become quite expensive. You can also take care of some tips before flight booking which will help you in choosing a low price flight.

Bargaining can always be done

if you are taking a package from a travel agent, you can bargain. Yes, it will not work every time but it can do many times. Although online booking has become very cheap at this time, still you can bargain with a travel agent to go on a trip somewhere.

This will not be wrong at all. Keep in mind that they want your business. If you want, you can talk to two or three travel agents and take the package from them and compare them.

Once the package is received, you can also call the hotel directly and ask what the rent is and whether they can get any work done cheaply. Doing all the inquiries before a trip can be quite good. This is a very good travel tip.

Choose a place where there is a kitchen

Now you must be thinking how can it be possible to cook in the hotel and cook every day, then there are many air BnB, many homestays, etc. in Goa. I had chosen a place that was a 1BHK flat.

Along with eating food and street food experience, I also spent several days cooking in that flat. In such a situation, if you want, you can book such a hotel. In such a situation, there will be no problem for those who feel that the food outside does not suit them.