Know these domestic tips before coloring or touching white hair at home

Every time you have to go to the parlor to get the hair root touch up and every time you have to lose your pocket. But now you do not need to do this. Easy tips for root touching are telling you at home that you can easily hide your white hair at home. Know

Follow these tips

It is very important to choose the right color for the hair. Try to choose a dark color. This makes it lighter late and your gray hair will start appearing late than any light color.

Keep in mind that your stylist should apply color on the root of the hair first, this will make the color last longer. Apply some color with some hair, so that it does not disappear in a week or two. Shampoo your hair 2-3 days after coloring it.

This will allow the hair to have extra time to absorb, and they will last longer. Use special shampoos and conditioners available for colored hair.

It does not protect the color, and also prevents chemical damage to the hair. Hair color starts to lighten from the sun, so cover the hair in the sun.

It is important to pay special attention to the hair

If your hair has become untimely white, then touch those hairs only when they are very much needed. Get the root touch up when you are 1 inch more white than the root. If you color hair, then you should touch up in 4-6 weeks, the longer the color will be the better it will be.

Do not touch with the color scalp. Apply color from a little distance from the root of the hair. The pigments of color automatically leave the color at the bottom.

Therefore, do not apply color to the root. You can do root touch-ups every 4-5 weeks. If you try to keep the hair color for longer then it can be saved from getting lighter. This will automatically avoid damaging your hair.

The right way to do a root touch up at home

Wash the hair thoroughly and unravel them. Now divide the hair into two parts and apply color to the hair slowly. Lift the hair by lifting the hair from one end of the thong. Apply color well to the new edge of the hair.

Apply the color between the part of the hair which is already colored, between the part and the roots. Make sure to read the instructions on the pouches or cans of the colling once. Protect your hair from the sun. Do not try to wash your hair too often.

The right way to touch you

Every time you go to the parlor and get your hair colored, it is not possible. Of course, many people always turn to the parlor to get a root touch up, but it can be quite heavy on your pocket.

Especially, when you do not have to color the whole hair, only the light root touchup is to be done. In such a situation, it is better to do hair color at home yourself.