Spotless skin

Spotless skin will be available throughout the night when this face mask will be applied at home

By the way, there are many cosmetic products in the market that are specifically meant to repair the skin. However, their effect does not last long. In such a situation, your skin will definitely get repaired, but the stains that remain on the skin either take a lot of time in life or they remain forever.

They spoil the beauty of your face. If you want your skin to be beautiful and spotless, then you should consider home remedies.

Today we will tell you one such face pack which if you apply on the face overnight, you will get absolutely clear and spotless skin in no time. So let us tell you how to prepare this face mask.

Necessary ingredients

1 green tea bag
1 small potato

Method of preparation

First of all, you have to put a green tea bag in hot water and after that, you have to keep this water inside the refrigerator for 10 minutes and cool it. After this, peel and grate the potatoes and take out the juice and keep it aside.

Now add 2 tbsp green-tea water to the potato juice and mix it well and apply it on the face. Apply this water not only on the face but also on the throat. You have to do it at night before bedtime and put it to sleep.

The next morning you should wash your face with clean water. If you do this every day, then within a week you will see light spots on the skin. Slowly these stains will disappear

Let me tell you that green tea is a very good antioxidant. It acts as a protective shield for your skin. Especially when you go in the sun, your skin cells get damaged, but the antioxidants in green tea keep your skin safe.

It also contains inflammatory properties. This protects the skin from various types of infections. Not only this, but green tea also has anti-aging properties.