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20 resolutions of the year 2020 will help in making the New Year a success

There is about a month left for the coming of A year. From the perspective of astrology and faith, take 20 such resolutions in the new year 2020 so that your happiness remains throughout the year. Look ahead to what should be the 20 resolutions of the year 2020

First Astrology Resolution 2020- If your habit is to get up late in the morning, then resolve to get up in the Brahma Muhurta in the New Year 2020. In the scriptures, getting up in the morning is said to be the best. The time of Brahma Muhurta is from 3 to 6 in the night before sunrise. At this time, the Sun is in the north-eastern part of the Earth. This time is better for contemplation and study.

Second Astrology Resolution 2020- Wake up soon and after bathing and daily work, worship God, chant remembrance and mantras.
Third Resolution 2020- After worshiping Surya worship and Surya Dev should be offered water. In astrology, the Sun is a factor of honor and fame.

Fourth Resolution 2020- Always keep a vessel filled with water in the house of worship.
Fifth Resolution 2020- After worshiping, do apologize to God for your known and unintentional mistake.

Sixth Resolution 2020- Never extinguish the sacred fire flame burning in the house of worship.

Seventh Resolution 2020- After worshiping in the house of worship, do not forget to close the door or curtain of the house of worship.

Eighth Resolution 2020- Whenever food is made at home in the morning, make sure to get the first roti for the cow.
Ninth Resolution 2020 – On the new year, the sign of the swastika must remain on the main door of the house.

Tenth Resolution 2020- Do not return empty-handed to any poor person and saint who came out of the house.

Eleventh Resolution 2020- Animals- Make a habit of giving something to birds and animals during the day.

Twelfth Resolution 2020- Never let spider webs be installed in any corner of the house.

Thirteenth Resolution 2020 – Never sleep in the evening.

Fourteenth Resolution 2020- Never eat food in bed.

Fifteenth Resolution 2020- Resolve the help of a helpless or orphan on the first day of the new year.

Sixteenth Resolution 2020- At the beginning of the new year, plant a plant and take care of it throughout the year.

Seventeenth Resolution 2020- Resolve to chant any one mantra in a year.

Eighteenth Resolution 2020- Never keep a broom in the house.
Nineteenth Resolution 2020 – Never keep shoes and slippers here and there at home. With this resolve, you will continue to progress throughout the year.

Twentieth Resolution 2020- Take a pledge not to forget the insults of elders and women at home.