5 Big WWE Records That Must Break-in 2020

WWE: The year 2019 is about to end now but in this one year, we have got to see many interesting things. As the headline of WrestleMania by Women’s Superstars, the emergence of All Elite Wrestling and after a bad 2018, the year 2019 has proved to be good for WWE in many ways.

In the year 2019, Becky Lynch also holds the record for being the longest Raw Women’s Champion. The most shocking moment in 2019 was the knocking by CM Punk at the WWE Backstage Show.

Well after many interesting things, fans are now eyeing the year 2020. In this article, keeping in mind the next year, we are keeping some records in front of you which should be broken in 2020.

Record to become the most frequent intercontinental champion

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The first intercontinental champion in WWE history was Pat Patterson, who won the title in 1979. Over the past 4 decades, superstars have held several major records and at the same time held the record for being the most frequent Intercontinental Champion, currently named after Chris Jericho.

Jericho has now moved to AEW and periodically taunts WWE. So now it is certain that this record will not be named after Jericho.

Jericho currently has 9 intercontinental names, and The Miz is closest to him with 8 titles. Miz has always been one of Vince McMahon’s close friends, so the chances of him breaking the record are most visible.

Longest Women’s Champion in Modern Era

Becky Lynch

Speaking of the women’s title in the Modern Era, the Divas Championship was eliminated several years ago.

In 2016, SmackDown was given separate titles and Raw was given different titles. Recently, Becky Lynch holds the record for being the longest Raw Women’s Champion but do you know who was the longest-reigning Women’s Champion in Modern Era.

This record is still in the name of Nikki Bella, who was the champion from Survivor Series 2014 to Knight of Champions 2015. That is, during this time, the Divas Championship was with him for 301 days.

Now Becky Lynch is following the same path, if The Man continues to be the champion for a few more months, then she will surely become the longest-lived women’s champion of the Modern Era.

Record to be the longest NXT champion

Adam Cole

WWE’s development brand NXT has over the years proved to be superior to Raw and SmackDown in terms of storylines and fight levels. Saith Rawlins has the distinction of becoming the first NXT Champion who won this title in the year 2012.

Talking about the record of being the longest champion, Finn Baylor currently tops this list with 292 days.

Adam Cole is the defending NXT champion, having won the NXT Championship for the first time in June 2019. If they are to break Finn Baylor’s record, they will have to remain champions at least until WrestleMania 36.

The special thing is that even after Cole remained the champion for so many days, he has been getting good answers from the crowd.

Record for most times being the universal champion

Brock Lesnar

Raw titles were handed over to Raw and SmackDown in 2016, but in 2019, the WWE Championship has been reshuffled to RAW and Universal titles to SmackDown. Talking about the Universal title, Brock Lesnar 3 has been successful in winning the Universal Championship belt the most times.

In this case, the closest to Lassner is Saith Rowlins, who has won the Universal title twice. The big question now is that the Universal Championship is part of the Blue brand and Rawlins is on the Raw roster.

The only answer to this question is that in the Superstar Shakeup 2020, Rowlins somehow become a part of the Blue brand and try to break this record.

We are saying this because the fans prefer to see full-time wrestlers as champions than a part-time wrestler, and this is the biggest problem facing The Beast right now.

Highest world title

John Cena

This is a record whose fans have been waiting to break for years as John Cena last won a world title in 2017. In this list, he is now jointly ranked first for 16 World Championships with Ric Flair.

Ric Flair was an 8-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, 6-time WCW Champion and 2-time WWE Champion in his career. The Champ has been a 13-time WWE Champion and 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion in his career.

Rick’s age is now quite old so he is not able to fight but John can still be in the ring for a few more years. He needs only one world title to bring the number of 16 to 17 and with this, he will become the most frequent world champion wrestler in the Pro Wrestling World.