Know where such a house may have to be set up very expensive, problems can come in life

Have you ever thought that there are many problems in life? One end is the beginning of another. In such a situation, the first question that arises in the mind is that is there any fault in the house? So to find a solution, many times we also resort to astrology and object.

However, it is then discovered that there is no such defect in the house. But still, the problems are not reduced. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about buying or buying a new house, then definitely know some of the things mentioned in this prophecy.

According to this, there are some places where the family should never build a house. Otherwise, problems never leave the person.

According to Bhavishyapuran, any person should take special care of the place before building or buying a house. Otherwise, the person has to face a lot of trouble. Therefore, the house should never be built in the way of any temple.

With this, where a yagna-havan is organized, that is, a house should not be built even at such a place. Otherwise, there are many problems.

The reason for this is told that in the Yagyashala, there is regular havan-puja, but after the house is built, the worship and worship stops there. This leads to negative powers.

Bhavishyapurana says that the house should not be taken in place of meat and liquor. Negative powers reside in these places. In such a situation, all kinds of difficulties are encountered in the house built at these places.

So whenever you go to get a house, take care of these places. The way it is said that our mind starts behaving in the same way that we eat. Similarly, the same environment is seen in the environment in which we live.

This is the reason why in Bhavishyapurana it is forbidden to live in a place where hypocrites and servants live. By staying in such places, the behavior of the person also starts being sly.

It has been told in the Bhavishyapurana that houses should never be built on any highway. The reasoning behind this is that there is always noise from the movement of vehicles.

Due to this, there is noise in life also, that is, problems are troubles. There is no peace of any kind. Along with this, the meaning of the palace was to build houses in front of the palace of the kings.

But in the present time, the house should not be built in front of the house of any such person, where different types of people are coming and going all the time. This also affects the environment around the person and can cause many problems.