This change in girls comes after periods, it must be known

If you do not start having periods at the right age, then what kind of damage it can cause to your body. If the girl starts having periods within 9 years or has delayed periods, it means that there is some deficiency in your hormones, for which you must go to the doctor and get your test done.

There can be many reasons for early periods or late-onset, so go to the doctor yourself and know the exact reason for it more than what you have heard.

The skin starts being oily. Many girls get pimples during or before periods. These are also due to changes in hormones, your skin becomes oily due to which there is a risk of acne during periods.

Height increases. If you notice, then the height of many girls starts to increase after one age. The height of girls increases considerably, especially after the period. There is no need to panic when you get periods for the first time.

The shape of the breast begins to form. Until the girls start getting periods, then their body seems to be the same but after that, there are special changes in some parts of their body. These changes are necessary for every girl, so there is no need to panic.

After the periods come, there are many hormonal changes in the girl’s body.

The girl is affected by her hair growth after her periods. Many times the hair of the girl starts falling, and sometimes the hair grows short for some time. But it is not necessary that every girl’s body has this change. Everyone’s body changes according to their hormones.

When there are periods for the first time, they must take care of certain things. Take care of cleanliness. Do not wear dirty clothes and use clean sanitary napkins. Take daily baths during periods. During this time there is a risk of infection, so it is important to take special care of cleanliness.