blood pressure problem

High blood pressure problem will benefit from this one work, know

High blood pressure is the biggest gift of the modern lifestyle. Which we also know as ‘silent killer’. Apart from bad eating habits, stress and poor sleep, sodium in the body is the main cause of this problem.

Common symptoms include headache, dizziness and increased heartbeat. This problem occurs when the pressure in the arteries of the heart is increased, then the blood has to apply more pressure to supply it to the organ.

Sleep helps to maintain energy levels, relax and relieve stress. If you have work stress then sleeping helps you to recover.

Unfortunately, the inability to sleep properly and work stress occurs simultaneously, and when combined with high blood pressure, the consequences are even more fatal.

High blood pressure is a serious problem and women suffering from it should think of ways to control it. Because if it is not controlled in time, it can damage other parts of the body such as the heart and kidneys.

Yes, high blood pressure increases the chances of having problems like heart attack, kidney failure, etc.. If you are also suffering from high blood pressure then avoid taking too much stress and get plenty of sleep.

Because work pressure and not getting enough sleep can increase the problem of high blood pressure. If you feel that you cannot bear the pressure of work in the office, then take a little breather.

Yes, one more thing can increase your anxiety, and that is not to sleep properly. Because new research has shown that workload, stress from the burden and not sleeping properly increases the risk of death from heart disease by 3 times in people with high blood pressure.

The research was attended by 2,000 employees, aged 25 to 65, without heart disease or diabetes, who complained of high blood pressure.

People with both risk factors were three times more likely to die from heart disease than people without work stress and good sleep. Research stated that people with work stress alone had 1.6 times higher risk, while only those with poor sleep had a 1.8 times higher risk.

It is harmful to have no power to change when trapped in a pressure situation. Therefore, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then reduce the workload and get plenty of sleep from today.