sunk house

If the house does not get sunk, then you can increase the light in these effective ways. Know

Living in a house that does not get sunlight is also not easy. Where there is darkness in the day, any person can go into depression by staying in such a house. But what to do if we have to live in such a house? Come, know some ways that the house can be made bright by adopting it.

Increase the light with a mirror

Nowadays there is a lot of trends to install large mirrors in addition to paintings to decorate the walls. Although you cannot install a lot of mirrors like paintings, with a mirror decoration, you can also greatly enhance the light of the room.

For this, put a big mirror on the wall in front of the window. This will fill the light in the entire room by reflecting the light coming from the window.

The curtains should be transparent

thick cloth and dark curtains will prevent the light coming from the windows. Therefore, it would be better if the curtains are of yellow fabric and light colors such as yellow, golden, cream, from which light can filter through.

The furniture should be light-colored

Dark furniture gives the impression of low light, so instead of dark wood, take furniture of light wood.
Choose the right bulb: Make more choice of the right bulb for illumination. ‘

Do not keep too much stinging light but use CFL bulbs available in the market, which will save the power as well as give the house glow like natural light. They should be planted in the dark corners of the house.

Paint is light-colored

The color of the walls paint gives the house a distinctive look. In homes where there is a lack of sun, the light and glossy finish paints reflect the light and do not let the appearance of darkness.

In such houses white, cream, light blue, pink, green colors fit perfectly for this purpose. These colors spread the light coming from the windows throughout the room, which makes the house feel bright.

Tubelight should be high

If there is no sun in the house, then having only one light in the room will not work. In addition to the tube lights on the walls, there should also be floor lamps, so that the corners of the rooms can be illuminated.

Keep in mind that the lampshades should not be dark, but rather white or light colors, which can spread the light properly throughout the room.

Apart from this, cone-shaped lampshades are more suitable for reading, but cannot illuminate the entire room. Lampshades that cover the bulb more light. Therefore, use these more in the room.