hair fall problem in winter

Two mouth hair is a dangerous sign for health, this is how to treat

If the hair is weak, dry and lifeless, then the glow of the face also decreases and in such a situation there is a problem in making hairstyles. Due to the busy lifestyle, we are unable to take care of our hair due to which the problem related to hair starts. Taking care of hair from time to time is very important. Failure to do so causes hair to become very weak, dry and split.

Changes in the weather also have an effect

Due to the change in the weather, the hair also gets spoiled. In such a situation, even when the hair is not protected from strong sunlight and pollution, the hair becomes split.

Hair does not get proper nutrition: Due to not getting proper nutrition of hair, even two hair starts growing.

Do not get cutting or trimming

Hair should be cut and trimmed from time to time, in spite of this, even then there are problems like hair bumps.

Use of chemical in hair Different types of chemical, use of hairdryer is also the reason for split hair.

Lack of proper care of hair

Usually, the reason for split ends is not to take proper care of the hair. Two mouth hairs are mostly hairy. When the moisture disappears from the hair and the problem of dryness starts, then the hair starts having two mouths.

Dandruff is also a reason: Due to excess dandruff in the hair, even the twins are prone to hair problems.

Treatment of split ends does not happen forever, you can easily get rid of it.

Less chemical use shampoo in hair also makes a difference. Also, use a hairdryer sparingly.

Hair Care Extra Care

If color or rebonding has been done in the hair, then the hair needs extra care. It is necessary to give hair spas to these hairs from time to time, definitely protect these hairs from the sun, otherwise, the two pimples can cause problems like hair.

Get a haircut or haircutting

Having a haircut or haircutting in a month can remove the two ends i.e. split ends.

Reduce the use of chemical shampoo