Do not consume these things before sleeping at night, health will be lost

Many people eat something late at night. Food is effective only when it is eaten at the right time. If beneficial things are eaten at the wrong time, then their effect on health is reversed.

Soda drinks

Soda drinks contain large amounts of calories. Drinking this causes great health damage. Consuming it late at night causes great health damage.


Who will not like Chocolate? But you will be surprised to know that its consumption at night is harmful to health. It contains caffeine which disrupts your sleep.


When people are more hungry they like to eat pizza. But be careful while consuming it. Pizza contains a large amount of fat. This affects your digestive system badly.

French Fries

Fried crispy french fries are everyone’s favorite. But their effect on health is very bad. Avoid consuming french fries or potato chips, especially during the night. Their use has serious health problems and bad health.

Ice Cream

Many people are fond of eating ice cream at night. Ice cream has high-fat content. Eating it late at night creates acidity.


Many people consume tea before bedtime. But do you know about the health damage it causes? All types of teas contain caffeine, which is very harmful to your sleep.