hair winter tips

Follow these simple tips to make hair healthy in winter 

Healthy, thick hair and attractive hairstyles can make a difference in the beauty of the face, provided they do not look dandruff. To save hair from this bad eye of dandruff, let us know some tips.

It is important to control food

Avoid fried and roasted things to protect your hair from dandruff and include nutritious foods like milk, curd, green vegetables, sprouted grains, etc. in your diet.


The problem of dandruff is usually in both dry and oily hair. If there is dry dandruff, massage the hair with olive oil. After this, steam the hair with hot towels and wash the hair after 4-5 hours.

It is important to avoid allergies

Infarction or skin allergy is also the reason for dandruff. To avoid this, keep your comb, towel, and pillow separate and whenever you wash the hair, keep these three things immersed in a good antiseptic solution for half an hour and use it again after drying in the sun.

Avoid stress

Extreme stress is also the cause of dandruff, so try to be happy. If possible, resort to yoga and meditation, this also reduces stress. Grate the apple or onion and extract the juice. Apply it to the roots of hair with a cotton swab, wash the hair when it is dry.

Hair cleaning is important

To keep the hair clean, wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo at least twice a week, so that there are no residues of shampoo in the head. Use lukewarm water instead of too much hot water to wash hair.