gadgets effects on girls

These diseases are increasing with the use of gadgets, how to remedy it

Using the smartphone at night engulfs many sleep disorders. Gadgets are used to make our work easier, but if you use them excessively, there can be many diseases. Learn about diseases caused by gadgets and ways to avoid them:

Listening problem

If you use earphones very much, then there may be difficulty in hearing. This habit can permanently impair your hearing.

What to do

Do ​​not always follow the habit of listening to music or keeping headphones in your ear and keep control over the volume.


The most important disease that can occur in the overuse of gadgets is insomnia i.e. insomnia. If you are using more gadgets than necessary, then it can prove to be the first link to Insomnia for you.

What to do

Keep in mind the rule of 20-20-20. If you are using a smartphone, tablet or computer regularly, then keep in mind that every 20 minutes you have to see something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.

This is a trick of -dad hats-.shahmd which works as an auxiliary to the eyes. With this, the eyes of the users are relaxed and their size is also relaxed.

Computer vision syndrome

The structure of our eyes is not such that we keep looking at any one point for hours and there is no harm to the eyes.

Looking at a computer screen for hours can cause computer vision syndrome. In this, there may be a problem of fatigue, itching, redness and blurred vision in the eyes.

What to do

Whether you are using a smartphone, computer, tablet or any other gadget, change its display settings. If the brightness, sharpness or color are increased in the computer, reduce it. A more bright or sharp screen causes more pressure on the eyes.

Toasted Skin Syndrome

Nowadays it is common practice to work more on the laptop. If you keep the laptop in your lap more than necessary, it can cause skin disorder.

Hot air always comes out of the laptop. Excessive use dries the skin. If your skin is sensitive then its color will change and itching may also occur.

What to do

If you use the laptop more, then take a cooling pad. The cooling pad cools the heat released from the laptop. Laptop cooling pads and cooling tables are available in the market from Rs 200 to Rs 1,500. If you do not have a cooling pad, use a pillow or keep the laptop on the table.

Texture Knack

Texture Knack syndrome occurs in people who have tilted neck down while using smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

If this syndrome has increased then the muscles of the neck will adapt to this position and there will be trouble in straightening the neck.

What to do

Before using any gadget, keep in mind what its position is. If you are using a computer, keep the monitor at least 20-30 inches away.

If you are using a smartphone or laptop, then instead of bending the neck, keep its position in such a way that your neck does not get strained. Cut the text down a bit. Stress on the neck is due to the maximum texting.