Kaliningrad: This unique city has at one time traveled to Russia and Germany

Kaliningrad: A country is formed only when the surrounding cities are connected to each other. But have you ever heard of a city which is not in its own country? Yes, please tell me that this city is completely cut off from its country.

The city was under German occupation during World War II. We are talking about Kaliningrad, which is a city in Russia, but far from Russia.

The city, with a population of about four lakhs, is undoubtedly situated between Lithuania and Poland, but a Russian visa is required to enter the region.

People have to cross the border of another country to go to this city. The city of Kaliningrad is located at the mouth of the Pregolia River falling in the Baltic Sea.

In the Middle Ages, the city was a town called Tawangaste in Old Prussia. Actually, Prussia was a German historical state of northern Europe. This state was at its peak in the 18th and 19th centuries, but later the existence of this state disappeared and most of it was taken over by communist East Germany, Poland, and Russia.

During the Northern Crusades in the year 1255 in the city of Kaliningrad, a new fort was built by the Teutonic Knights.

The city was heavily bombed by the British Army during World War II, in 1944, which destroyed the city completely, and then in 1945 when it became a Russian city, its population (German citizens) fled or escaped. Was forced. Now about 87 percent of the people living here are of Russian origin.

Since the Russian city is between Lithuania and Poland and the inhabitants have to pass through another country to go to their country, an agreement has been reached between Poland and the Russian Federation.

According to this, a special card has been made for the residents of this place, so that they can travel to their country, ie Russia, repeatedly through the cities of Poland.