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Quotes | Friendship Quotes | A beautiful idea for the beautiful friendship

1- We try a million but
Can not control this heart,
Maybe that will be the last moment of our life,
When we forget our beloved Yarrow.


2- A friend, your friendship has been learned a lot,
Laughing at my silent world
You supported me at every turn of my life,
And your friendship has reached my destination.


3- The fragrance of flowers can never be stolen
Sun can never hide the light,
Regardless of the distances, no matter how many friends are there,
But good friends can never be forgotten.


4- We also have a special line of luck,
That’s why we have a friend like you,
I understand you more than myself,
You are my hope and my last hope.


5- Friendship is smiling in the happiness of friends,
Convincing friends is also friendship,
What happened if I did not meet friends every day
Staying together and staying together is also friendship.


6- He made my life sad
Made a happy paradise
God heard my call
Made my friend my vow


7- When we got your love, the world became even more lovely to us, there were no things, etc. before, but now you have the disease to remember.


8- We need a moment, we need the past, we have lost all the time, we need a friend who is not yet angry.


9 – I do not pray for my request, you do not love me, wait for me, you are my blessing, my friend; To which I pray till the last breath.


10- Life will be beautiful with memories, every moment it will be in the eyes, no one will be able to take your place; This friend will always need you.