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The women at home should not do this work even by mistake

Every woman around the world wants her family to live happily ever after and no sorrow ever comes, but many times she herself makes such a mistake that only gum comes into her house and happiness goes away somewhere.

In fact, the biggest contribution of women in maintaining happiness in a house, but sometimes their small mistakes make the family’s happiness away from home.

So let us know today what are the things that women should not do so that peace and peace remain in their home and happiness continues.

Women should not do this work:

* It is said that women should not give milk or curd of their home to anyone at night because by doing so, there is a disgrace on the peace and happiness of the house.

* It is said that women should not leave false dirty utensils with food in the night, but should sleep only after cleaning them because it keeps the abode of Goddess Lakshmi in the house forever.

* It is said that the women of the house should never sleep without opening their hair at night because by doing this, a large amount of negative energy is produced in the house and only gum comes in the house.

If you start taking care of these things, then happiness will only happen in your house.

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