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Do not let stress take the form of panic attack, thus avoid it

We all come to a state of stress at some time and it is a common thing to have stress, but the problem is that when this tension persists for a long time then it takes the form of a panic attack, in which the person gets a little tense.

He starts losing his temper and becomes uncomfortable, it becomes a terrible form of stress, which also affects the health of the person and he feels that he is going to die now, whereas panic attack does not lead to death.

So today we are going to share with you some special tips that will help you in the event of a panic attack so that you can get out of the situation, so what is the delay, let us know about these remedies …..

Count Countdown: By counting the countdown, you are able to pay more attention to such things, which usually do not get your attention.

For example, focus on some beautiful designs, artwork or any creative thing you see around you. This exercise helps you to bring your focus back to the things around you. Also, you are able to manage your emotions in a better way.

Focus on other things around: Focus on any of the five things around you, such as your phone, nearby window, chair, bag, or a notepad, etc.

Pay attention to the sounds you hear around you, such as traffic noise, headphone music, a telephone bell 3, etc. Also, think of some things that you can feel such as your dress, your hair or the texture of your desk.

Pay attention to things that you can smell, such as your perfume, the food in your lunch box, or the scent coming from the cafeteria. Focusing on all these things, try to normalize yourself by drinking tea or coffee.

Focus on the breath: When the mind is troubled, try to control your body. For this, focus on your breath. Pay attention to the way you are breathing.

During this time do not try to breathe very fast, just notice that the breath goes completely inside the body and goes out completely.

Attention to people in public place: If you are in a public place, then try to see what people around you are doing. See what kind of clothes they have been wearing, how they have worn shoes, how they have worn jackets, how their hairstyle is, what kind of jewelry they have worn etc. or how they are sitting.

By paying attention to all these things, what is going on inside you will help you to concentrate and you will feel completely normal in no time.

With the help of these measures, you can deal with the situation of a panic attack, you must try to control the situation by controlling yourself, but if these measures do not work on a person suffering from this problem, Bihar is a serious condition, then definitely consult a doctor. Take