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Reduce these problems occurring in periods with these measures

Extreme stress can be seen in women and girls often during periods. Sometimes this stress takes extreme forms. It is important to know its severity to deal with which most of the teenagers can also be seen under extreme stress.

Due to which they may suffer muscle cramps and cramps, abdominal pain, joint, and wrist pain and fatigue. These changes are related to the changes happening in their youth.

Fluctuations in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that help to repair periods can affect your appetite, digestive power, and energy levels, and they will also affect your mood.

This can also affect psychological functioning. Stress is a mood disorder during periods, affecting 5% of women during periods. The following measures will be helpful in reducing stress during periods:

Stress is reduced by using relaxation technology. For this, you can take therapy like yoga, meditation, and massage.

Adequate sleep is very important. But this is not only necessary, but you should try to have time to sleep and wake up daily. Students should not spoil the sleeping schedule, because this affects the hormones.

You should take a complex carbohydrate diet. Add whole grains and starchy vegetables to your diet, which will work to reduce mood swings and stress during periods.

Take calcium-rich foods like milk and yogurt. Include more fruits and vegetables in the food. Eat a little bit so that there is no problem with flatulence. Make a distance from alcohol and caffeine.

Many studies have shown that both calcium and vitamin B6 work to reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of stress.

-Roading or cycling improves mood.

Apart from this, take care of your diet, these measures can reduce the star of your stress to a great extent and can also reduce your troubles.