largest cemetery military in us

This is the largest ‘graveyard’ of planes in this country, where there are more than 4000 airplanes

You must have heard about big to small cemeteries, where people are buried but have you ever heard that planes also have tombs. Yes, there is a place in America, which is known as the largest cemetery of military aircraft in the world. More than four thousand useless military aircraft are kept here. Apart from this, many space vehicles are also kept in this graveyard of planes.

The largest cemetery of aircraft is in the Tucson Desert of Arizona, spread over approximately 2600 acres. It is equivalent to about 1400 football fields in size. This place is also famous as ‘Boneyard’. In 2010, Google Earth released clear pictures of this place for the first time.

Planes placed here range from new to aircraft used by the US Army in World War II. The bomb-year aircraft B-52 during the Cold War is also kept in this cemetery.

The B-52 aircraft was removed from the US fleet in 1990 after the SALT disarmament agreement between the US and the Soviet Union. Apart from this, F-14 aircraft are also kept here, which is shown in Hollywood’s famous film ‘Top Gun’. The aircraft was removed from its fleet by the US Navy in 2006.

The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group of America maintains the largest graveyard of aircraft and also repairs aircraft coming here. He also makes some of those planes worth flying. Here the spare parts including the engine of the old aircraft are kept and they are sold at a low price.

The US government has also given permission to other countries to buy old parts and aircraft from here. The largest cemetery of aircraft, ie ‘Boneyard’, was established just after the Second World War.

Actually, this place was chosen keeping in mind its height and dry conditions, because even if the planes were kept out at such places, they would not deteriorate quickly.